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TKN specialises in the multimodal transport of liquid chemical containers, including dangerous goods, solid bulk product containers, food products, gases, isocyanates and polyisocyanates, and hydrogen peroxides.

Liquid chemical products
  • Certification for the transport of ADR: vehicles and drivers.
  • Authorisation for the transport of hazardous waste.
  • GD150 DRUM compressors
  • Basic equipment for conventional unloading; capacity to adapt to the demands of specific unloading.
Solid bulk products
  • XK18 DRUM compressors.
  • Specific hoses and fittings.
  • Rotary valve.
  • Trailers equipped with refrigeration and micron filters.
Food products
  • Loading/unloading material for exclusive use.
Special services
  • ISOPA: specific material and qualified personnel.
  • Gas: Specially-trained personnel.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide: H2O2 pump and specific safety equipment.